Bridging Bilingualism

8 februarie 2023

nr. 2021-1-MT01-KA220-SCH-000035832

Implementation period: 26.02.2022 – 26.02.2025


  • Bishop’s Conservatory Primar, Gozo, Malta
  • St Joan Antide School Malta
  • Holy Family Senior School, Portlaoise, Irlanda
  • Col·legi Salesia Sant Francesc de Sales, Menorca, Spania
  • School Of Palekastro, Sitia, Grecia
  • Școala Gimnazială Nr.5 București, România

The project’s goal is the implementation of effective strategies to improve the literacy level of primary school students.


  • Identify the strengths and needs of each school in the teaching of English
  • Sharing of good practices in order to increase professional development in the teaching of reading and spelling English and native languages in the early years/and later in the upper years
  • Exploring explicit teaching of literacy to struggling readers including those in the upper years who are still struggling to learn how to read and write (both English/native languages)


The aim of these short videos is to provide parents with support at home. There are videos for words and phrases that should be used to consolidate rather than initial teaching. The aim of the videos is to promote the fast automatic reading of the words following the initial blending for reading. The faster the kids read the words, the more they can divert their attention to comprehension of the text.

Participation in this Erasmus project has also provided the school with some funding to invest in the area of literacy. We have purchased books and educational materials to support the improvement of the reading skills of the students from the primary level. We look forward to using these books in the 2023/2024 school year.

The reading club

During this school year, as part of the Bridging Bilingualism Erasmus+ Project, we introduced The reading club to our students with the aim of encouraging independent reading sessions in the classroom. Designed to enhance independent reading, The reading club empowers children to explore books of their choice while providing a structured and goal-oriented approach. The books are both Romanian and English language, so this will help students to improve their reading level by learning in a bilingual mode.

Class I – January

Class I – February-March

Nessy reading&spelling

C1 – Teaching English literacy in the Early Years – Bishop’s Conservatory Primary – Gozo, Malta – 13-17.12.2022

Training for teachers – 27-28.02.2023

C2 – Supporting struggling students in the upper yearsHoly Family Senior School – Irlanda – 26-31.03.2023

Dissemination C2 – Supporting struggling students in the upper yearsHoly Family Senior School – Irlanda – 22.04.2023

Upskilling teachers in the use of literacy based on the Mathese approach in the teaching of English and Native Language

Evaluation and discussion of how strategies observed can be adopted in the teaching of languages at school

Supporting students to improve their phonics and reading level.


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